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#1 Thing You Need To Know About Your Customer

Are you an optimist?

Odds are, if you’re a marketer, you are.

If you’re not an optimist, you may not say you’re a pessimist, you’d say you were a realist.

And how did I know that?

Well, not because I’m a realist. 😉

But because after 15 years in the business, I can spot marketer a mile away.

I can spot a rookie marketer from a veteran, successful or not.

How can I do this?

The reason is I understand how marketers mentally make decisions.

This is the key that opens the lock in research–to learn how your market makes decisions.

Most copywriters don’t understand what research is.

They think it’s about learning information that may prove relevant in the sales letter. And yes, there is some of that.

Others think research is about finding the hook. And yes, that is true…

But if you don’t understand how your market makes decisions, these efforts will be fruitless.

Your first objective is to research how your customer makes decisions.

We’re looking for decisions about where they spend their time online.

We’re looking for what they focus their attention on.

We’re looking for buying criteria… what makes them buy in the market.


And that’s why I love reading the reviews at Amazon.

Because real customers tell you exactly what influenced their buying decision, as well as whether or not they like the product.

Sure, it takes time to read these.

But I find them fascinating, especially when I’m working on a new project.

And it’s worth it–especially if you don’t have a list you can survey.

But if you take nothing away from this email today, take away the idea that research is about discovering how people make decisions in the market.

Start there!

Good luck and talk soon,


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