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10 Things Your Copywriter Is Dying to Hear You Say

Copywriters crave more than just a pay-check from you. They want to feel valued, appreciated and respected as well.

Here are 10 rather easy ways to do it…

  1. 1. “I just PayPaled you funds. It’s a lot, but man, you crushed it. Keep up the great work.”

Of course, it’s about the money.

Always has, always will be.

However. IF you want to get the best out of your copywriter, it’s important to appreciate they are inspired when they are personally acknowledged.

Heap on the praise privately, and your copywriter will sing your products praises publicly.

  1. “We have another project for you.”

Talk can be cheap, but when it’s followed up with the opportunity to be part of a new project, watch how he/she ratchets up their copy.

It’s an indirect way of getting best efforts out of your copywriter and boosting conversions.

  1. “What can we do to help you knock it out of the park?”

Copywriters sometimes feel alone in their endeavor to lift your sales.

Words like these, even if they are just token gestures, mean a lot.

You may not be able to help, but the takeaway is you’re WILLING to help.

And if you *can* help, all the better!

  1. “Thank you.”

There is not one person who doesn’t want to be thanked for their efforts.

The trick here is to appreciate a copywriter, even if it’s for something they are already being paid to do.

When you get a sequence of emails from your copywriter, rather than just compensating, it’s always nice to send a verbal acknowledgement.

It’s your chance to be creative and score some major points.

“Dude, you crushed it! Thanks so much.”

“I’m glad we have you writing for us.”

“This VSL rocks! It’s really compelling!”

Words like these go a long way.

  1. “Hey, everyone–listen to what Matt our copywriter just did!”

You see this on Facebook occasionally. It’s happened to me a few times, and I can tell you it feels great.

Public acknowledgement of your copywriters success makes other marketers envious you’ve dialed in your copy.

And candidly, it makes other copywriters a tad envious the copywriter has an incredible client like you.

  1. “What do you think?”

EVERYONE likes to be asked their opinion, yes?

Your copywriter, because of his marketing chops, silently believes he should be consulted on major strategy decisions.

You may or may not agree. And that’s your right.

Whether you use his ideas is up to you, but it’s always nice be asked.

  1. “That last promotion you wrote was a dud. It’s ok though, we all make mistakes. How do we turn this around?”

Hey, no one bats 1000.

But if you’re cool about an occasional dud, your copywriter will appreciate you all the more.

And work even harder next time.

That’s not to say your copywriter deserves a free pass. But consider the fail could be because of the traffic or the offer or some other misfire in the campaign.

  1. “I’m leaving the copy in your capable hands–I’m stepping back.”

Copywriters are notorious for desiring no one change their work.

Personally, I don’t care, but others think every word they write is inviolate.

What this statement implies is that you TRUST your copywriter to make the right decisions.

  1. “I just found out my friend, Jeff needs a copywriter. I’m referring him to you. Take care of him, ok?”

YOU NEED TO KNOW to copywriters, referrals are a blessing.

Nothing else you could do beats them.

And if you’re an influencer, all the better.

Referrals are a demonstration you are pleased with your copywriter’s work.

Keep’em coming.

  1. “I’m amazed at your copywriting skills, your copy just sings!”

Say any of these words and watch your copywriter beam with pride.

Then watch your sales soar.

Nihil Obstat (“Nothing stands in your way”),


PS: If I missed any, let me know. I’ll give you full credit if/when I repost.

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