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Asleep At The Wheel (The #1 Weak Spot In Your Sales Copy)

Most sales letters I see these days are pretty good.

Could they be better? Absolutely.

Here’s one area where they ALWAYS need help:

The close.

The closes on most sales letters are weak.

I don’t know what it is, maybe the copywriter gets tuckered out or maybe they get sick of the project by that point.

Who knows? What I do know is the close on most sales letters coasts to the finish line, asleep at the wheel

Instead of putting the pedal to the metal and giving it all they’ve got.

Now, maybe they don’t realize there are MULTIPLE closes that are required, in order to get the job done.

Multiple closes, you say?

Yeah. Unfortunately, most copywriters only have one. A weak one, at that.

They’re leaving sooo much money on the table.

So listen up, here’s how to boost your conversions:

First get over the idea that people aren’t reading closes. Or that they’re just skimming. Or whatever it is that makes you not want to put your heart into it.

THEY’RE READING. Take my word for it.

So like I said, most sales letters have just one close.

Personally? I usually have three.

One based upon logic.

One based upon desire.

One based upon fear.

They are the three basic ways people make a decision.

The type of response I want from them is either

“That makes sense, I’ll buy”… “I really want that, I’ll buy”… or “If I don’t buy now, I’ll miss out big time”.

Do I always close in that order?

Yes, I want to leave them fearing they’ll miss out. I want them haunted.

(Plus, I want to ratchet up the closes in terms of emotions. And as you know, fear is the strongest.)

That closing strategy works well. Here’s how to make it even better:

Add closes that appeal to one or more of these core emotions:

Greed. Altruism. Envy, Pride. Shame.

Do I always do this?

No, it depends upon the situation. (Shaming someone into buying works like gangbusters, but you better be careful.)

Here’s the belief you’ve got to cultivate about your skills:

“I’ve got the ability to hold their attention as long as I want.”

So go ahead and write your heart out.

There’s one genius copywriter I know who in one sales letter closed people 19 different ways, 19 different times.

Yeah, 19 times in 19 different ways he said…

“So go ahead and order now”. It was beautiful. I didn’t get bored for a second.

And you know what? I’ll bet most true prospects read each and every different close.

That’s a true testament to what you can do.

Here’s the big takeaway: Because in a sales letter you have unlimited real estate to work with, go ahead and build out your closes out.

Put some REAL MUSCLE into them.

And I think you’ll be surprised. I think you’ll discover:

  1. People ARE reading your closes…
  2. People ARE impacted by the words you write…
  3. And best of all, people ARE making decisions based upon your words–you just never know which type of close pushes them over the finish line… (or maybe it’s all of them combined.)

So go ahead, throw your heart into your close and just remember:

Always be closing (or else you won’t get the Cadillac or the second place steak knives…)

Till next time,


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