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The “Going Broad” vs “Niche Yourself” Paradox

I’ve never read this anywhere, but I think there’s a cognitive bias for “going broad.” I’m talking about when you’ve got a…

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Words Are Nano-Tasers

We’ve talked before about how when you’re emotional, whatever comes after you’re in the heat of that emotion, tends to get viewed…

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Channeling Desire

I always get inspired by Eugene Schwartz’s principle of channeling desire: “Let’s get to the heart of the matter. The power, the…

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Copywriting Persuasion Structures

Way back when I first got started writing copy, gurus would encourage you to write letters out longhand. I tried it. I…

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How To “butter people up” to buy your stuff

According to persuasion expert, Robert Cialdini, this is one way to “butter people up”… A study was done with survey solicitors. You…

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The Greatest Copywriting Secret

Do you write angry? If the answer is yes, then you’ve uncovered one of the greatest copywriting secrets there is. Most people…

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