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How To “butter people up” to buy your stuff

According to persuasion expert, Robert Cialdini, this is one way to “butter people up”…

A study was done with survey solicitors. You know… clipboard carrying, marketing company employees in malls.

Group #1: Walked up and directly asked for the survey: They got 29% compliance. Not bad.

Group #2: Were approached with an initial “One Shot” question:

“Do you consider yourself a helpful person?”

77.3% agreed to the survey.

That is a 266% greater conversion rate!

When asked before the request if they were helpful, nearly everyone answered yes.

Then, when the request occurred, most agreed to participate in order to be consistent with the recently activated idea of themselves as helpful people.

It gets better…

Here’s another example by a couple of social scientists (Balken and Anderson):

Product: New soft drink launch

Goal: to get respondent to give email address to receive a link to get a free sample.

Group #1: Walked up and directly asked for the survey: 33% response rate.

Group #2: Approached with an initial question:

“Hi, do you consider yourself the kind of person that is adventurous and likes to try new things?”

97% responded affirmatively.

75.7% agreed to give their email address.

That is a 229% greater response rate.

Now here’s THE BIG question…

How can you use this in your marketing?

I submit almost every sales letter could use a “butter them up” question like this in their close(s.)

“In closing, let me ask you a question.

Do you consider yourself a decisive person?

Because the people who do best with the program are definitely action takers.

So go ahead, let’s take action together. Hit the button below to get started…”

That’s just a quick template, of course. You could dramatize even more or maybe test twisting the knife if they aren’t a decisive person.

Of course, you can insert this kind of copy into VSLs as well. In the beginning, middle or end.

Try it and let me know it works out for you. Good luck!

Talk soon,


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