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Designing a checkout process for an ecommerce store is a huge challenge. Here’s some numbers you should know:

  • In 2014, 1.12 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods & services online –  tweet this
  • By end of 2013, the average abandonment rate was 67.9% – tweet this
  • Current ecommerce conversion rate statistics show that 40% of worldwide internet users have purchased goods or products online. – tweet this
  • This amounts to more than 1 billion online buyers and is projected to continuously grow.

Although more and more people are purchasing online , most ecommerce checkout processes are extremely hard to navigate through and have very high abandonment rate. There are many websites today that can teach us about ecommerce conversion rate. For example, Amazon’s online sales dwarf the competition and continue bringing in the revenue:

Increase Online Sales: ECommerce conversion Rate Optimization

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