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“Joining the Conversion God's list was one of the all-time best decisions I've made in my marketing career. Matt reveals tried-and-true copywriting insights many marketers pay thousands of dollars to uncover through expensive split-testing. In fact, one surprising tidbit actually led to a 31% lift on a major offer - and it only took us a day to implement! You'd be a downright fool to not join Conversion Gods - highly recommend!” Austin Dean: 7-Figure Health Marketer

  • What Rocky III taught me about surviving a pummelling in the most competitive, most cutthroat markets...
  • Why too many marketers focus on launching a single product or offer.. and what you should focus on instead
  • Behind the scenes intel on Organifi... Ramit Sethi... Jason Capital... Aweber... Weiss Research and more!
  • What to do when Facebook brings down the ban hammer (and it will happen)...
  • The most famous sales page optimization of all time...
  • And much... much... more (knew that was coming, didn't you?)

“In case anybody is reading this, Matt is a monster! I've spent millions buying ice cold 🥶 traffic and sending it to his copy. As a result we've generated 10's of millions of dollars in revenue. This is a LIFE CHANGING opportunity for whoever is lucky enough to work with him!” Tommie Powers: YouTube Traffic Expert and World Renowned Media Buyer

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