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77 Copywriting Secrets to
Make a Killing on ClickBank!

“Read on. No matter whether you’re a ClickBank Affiliate or Publisher, my letter below could majorly boost your ClickBank sales overnight.”

- Justin Atlan, ClickBank University

“Ok, I’ll admit it. I have a serious man-crush on this guy...

Quick introduction: My name is Justin Atlan. Not to boast, but I'm co-founder of the most successful and comprehensive ClickBank training on the Internet.

It’s called ClickBank University.

ClickBank University has helped thousands of ambitious men and women from all walks of life cut loose from their day jobs “working for the man” and become self-styled online entrepreneurs, traveling the world.

Let me tell you, it’s a real buzz watching somebody with no previous experience grow, nurture and scale their idea into a six or seven-figure success story.

Yet, time and time again we see ONE MAJOR OBSTACLE destroying ClickBank businesses… before they even get off the ground.

For some bizarre reason, the majority of people pay ZERO attention to their sales copy until the very last minute.

They treat it like an afterthought.

It’s a ClickBank CRIME and extremely damaging to any new business. Why?

Because we’ve discovered...

When it comes to sales copy?
Good is NOT good enough—ESPECIALLY
if you want to crush it on ClickBank

And that holds true whether you’re a ClickBank affiliate OR a ClickBank publisher.

See, you’re not going to break any sales records if you ‘half ass’ your sales copy, affiliate emails, articles or banner ads.

However, once you begin to understand ClickBank-style sales copy, everything changes.


You are JUST ONE SALES LETTER away from your first $10,000 month. $100,000 month. And of course, your first $1,000,000 month.

In fact, when it came to putting together our OWN sales page for ClickBank University, we knew we had to double down and REALLY get serious.

Going on the hunt for “the best of the best” copywriters.

We knew they were out there.

Yet, the super successful ClickBank marketers are notoriously tight-lipped who their go-to copywriters are. If you have access to one, you know they are a strategic advantage... and it sounds clichéd, but yes, they are truly a secret weapon.

And that’s when we discovered
ClickBank copywriter, Matt O’Connor

Now, Matt’s a fascinating guy.

For some weird reason, he keeps a low profile.

Matt simply says he prefers to spend the majority of time researching, optimizing and writing winning copy for his clients.

I can appreciate why. Matt and his behind-the-scenes team are responsible for the superstar launches hogging the top of the ClickBank charts…

ClickBank blockbuster campaigns like Drew Canole’s ultra-popular Organifi range of supplements... traffic genius Mike Geary’s health programs... popular fitness guru John Romaniello... America’s #1 dating coach, Jason Capital... nutrition-focused and of course, our own ClickBank University.

These marketers have not only hogged the charts for years, they’ve made MILLIONS on ClickBank--all using Matt’s incredibly powerful copy.

With Matt’s help, we
cracked the code BIG TIME

With our new sales video, we’ve generated MILLIONS of dollars in new customers.

And that’s exactly why we wanted Matt on our esteemed faculty so he could share his profit-pulling copywriting methods with you.

To no avail, we gently yet tenaciously pursued him for the better part of a year.

Fortunately, slow but sure, we were wearing him down. And to our delight, he finally agreed.

Together, we wanted to create
something bold and ambitious...

We wanted Matt to address the major copywriting challenges of ClickBank affiliates as well as copy-centric ClickBank publishers.

When we shared the draft manuscript with a few of our students, they were ecstatic:

  • “Wow, when it comes to ClickBank, this connects the dots in so many ways. I now understand why my copy sucks and what I can do about it.”
  • “This will raise the bar on the entire ClickBank community. This book will become a must-have.”
  • “You’re offering true value to ClickBankers everywhere.”
  • “It’s like a stream of consciousness. It makes your head spin with ideas.”

Because it’s so powerful, we’ve decided to title the manual: 

The Official ClickBank®
Copywriting Guide

"77 Surefire Tips to Accelerate
Your ClickBank® Copywriting Success"

If you too find yourself envious of the large piles of cash ClickBank affiliates or publishers are making every month, we’ve learned first-hand, there truly are ‘insider secrets’ you MUST know.

Without them, you face being left scratching your head at why your competitors are pulling in hundreds of sales a day while you have yet to make a single one.

I’m talking about tools, tips and tricks, such as:

Tip #1: The one "humbling epiphany" you must embrace if you want to massively succeed selling ClickBank products...

Tip #29: The simple email subject line that can make you a major or minor fortune as an affiliate...

Tip #10: One counter-intuitive rule that makes prospects stick to sales letters like Gorilla glue...

Tip #39: How to get “NSA-level intel” on what works on ClickBank--WITHOUT using ClickBank...

Tip #17: Powerful tactic to help someone online overcome doubt, skepticism and lack of trust

Tip #44: “The Oprah Strategy” for building a ClickBank empire

Tip #24: The tiny ‘back-end’ leverage point that creates ClickBank millionaires...

Tip #59: The 8-letter word that unlocks ClickBank riches. (Note: your competition are too scared (or lazy) to do this. Don’t be like them.)

Tip #19: Want to know the marketer’s most coveted possession online? (Whatever you do, don’t let go of this precious resource!)

Tip #7: Facebook Ad Tracking Exposed: How Zuckerberg and pals decide your business’s fate. (If you’ve ever been kicked off FB then THIS could be the little known reason why)

This Facebook tip is actually the reason so many ClickBank marketers are getting thrown off different platforms right now.

It’s a mass culling.

Yet, once you understand it from Google or Facebook or Yahoo’s point of view, you stand to make millions while your competitors remain stunned as their businesses suddenly disintegrate.

This is the kind of ‘secret’ that bulletproofs your business. However you simply won’t find this in other copywriting courses.

Tip #18: How to flip the ‘convinced’ switch in a prospect’s brain…

Tip #23: How to get your prospect to overcome mountains of skepticism and part with their hard-earned money…

Tip #8: Why and how Facebook stalks you--and what you can do to almost guarantee it does not shoot down your ads, suspend or ban your account…

Tip #4: How to avoid making your VSL sound like a 90-minute timeshare presentation. (PLUS: Why the days of writing like past copywriting greats are over.)

Tip #2: “Inversion copy” strategy for driving high-value, targeted traffic to ClickBank offers…

Tip #12: THE ONE SUBTLE BUT POWERFUL ACTIVITY you can do that makes a ClickBank publisher's sales job significantly easier...

Tip #13: The 3-letter word prospects love even more than highly relevant content...

Tip #26: Discover what copy is working RIGHT NOW. (As a copywriter, understand that buying habits evolve and change all the time. What worked yesterday, does NOT work today...)

Tip #6: Why social media platforms hate copywriters and the sneaky way you as an ethical copywriter can use their inane terms of service against them...

Tip #16: Prospects need THIS before you can even think about selling something...

Tip #20: The TRUTH about ClickBank® sales funnels (and how to build a relentless sales machine BEHIND your $37 ebook offer)

This is the stuff nobody ever teaches.

Most people focus on the shiny outer-layer. The surface. The cheap eBook offers and their fancy-pants sales pages.

And of course, you’ll learn how the ClickBank giants are pulling in several million dollars each year with their super-affordable $7 eBooks.

The secret is in what lies below…

Tip #68: The weirdly unconventional secret for wildly successful sales page testing…

Tip #21: ClickBank Godsend: The secrets of the perfect self-liquidating offer...

Tip #46: How A-list copywriters and marketers ‘absorb’ the money-raking secrets of the biggest ClickBank® VSLs. (NOTE: This is laborious work but it separates the big dogs from the wannabes.)

Tip #34: How A-list copywriters REALLY leverage their swipe file (clue: cutting and pasting never works. Here’s what to do instead and still get similar results...)

Tip #28: Are you an affiliate? Here’s the single most important metric on ClickBank…

Tip #56: How to carefully (and undetectably) weave powerful sales triggers into your story…

Tip #3: The eye-opening secret behind one of the biggest banner ad runaway success stories…

Tip #25: How to locate PROVEN ClickBank money machines you can study, swipe and profit from...

Tip #15: The newly-discovered 4-phase "gauntlet" you, as a copywriter must go through to create a loyal, almost-obsessive customer…

Tip #27: Simple strategy to mining for gold in the ClickBank marketplace

Tip #51: The key to leading your prospect where you want them to go i.e. clicking the buy button

Tip #30: The email close that automagically gets ANY affiliate generating hordes of sales right away

Never underestimate email. It’s so, so darn powerful. Even in today’s social-media driven world.

One short, snappy email can do more for your income than slaving over a sales page for months.

The secret? Figuring out exactly what your market needs to hear before they will buy. And doing it in a way that makes your email stick out like a sore thumb.

Inside The Official ClickBank® Copywriting Guide you’ll get a potent email example you can cut and paste to your heart’s content.

Click Here To Get The ClickBank® Guide To Copywriting for only $27

Tip #31: 2 killer sales criteria you MUST include in every email you send...

Tip #67: The single most important thing to test in your sales copy...

Tip #71: Where on the page is your prospect clicking, scanning and skipping? Find out with this must-have tool.

Tip #36: How to cherry pick like a pro. What you CAN rip from winning sales videos, pages and emails.

Tip #37: Revealed: The unspoken “copycat truth” about wildly successful sales letters...

Tip #64: How to know exactly how much a competitor is spending each month. Want a collection of the most successful offers in your market? And which traffic sources they use? This opens the kimono…

Tip #38: One surefire way to be “a copywriting cobbler” and how it’s infinitely more effective (and enjoyable) than waiting on The Great Gods of Sales Copy for inspiration...

Tip #22: How you can look forward to eye-popping conversions of 50% or more…

Tip #41: How to laser-target your market and make them feel like you know what they’re going through on a DEEP level... (example copy included)…

Because if you think going after the most people possible in any market is gonna bring the most sales, you’re wrong.

In these hyper-competitive times, it’s crucial you drill down and get right to the heart of a very specific audience.

That’s where the gold is. Try and appeal to everybody and you end up appealing to NOBODY.

How do you do that? How do you hone in on your perfect audience and talk directly to them?

Click. Download. Read. And get this RARE ClickBank wisdom:

Click Here To Get The ClickBank® Guide To Copywriting for only $27

Tip #61: How horribly decaying feet helped me uncover a wonderful research resource…

Tip #75: The most important element of your offer...

Tip #43: Affiliate Super Tip: the contrarian way to promote ClickBank bestsellers (effortlessly set yourself apart from the competition. Catching the eye of the vendor and making oodles more sales)

Tip #32: How to tap into a powerful law of nature that COMPELS people to open, click and BUY

Tip #9: The #1 JOB of a ClickBank copywriter in your quest for a flood of conversions (no it’s not “make money”)...

Tip #54: The #1 pre-sell tactic. If you’re an affiliate, this ‘stealth’ tactic can propel you to the top of JV leaderboards

Tip #14: An immediate red flag to prospects that instantly gets them clicking away…

Tip #33: One of the most powerful techniques in direct response (sometimes frowned upon by weakling marketers who should know better...)

Tip #58: The simple hook concept that generated over $1 BILLION dollars. And how you can do the same for your business…

Tip #11: A simple headline copywriting formula that always delivers conversions regardless of niche, market or product…

Tip #47: How to write a sales story so compelling it jerks your reader around like a rag doll, leaving them an emotional mess. The only way they can feel relief? Buying your product…

Tip #5: How to avoid getting b*tch-slapped by the Great God Google…

Tip #73: The #1 MOST IMPORTANT thing to test (Hint: it’s nothing to do with fancy wordplay)

Tip #52: The Michael Bay Strategy: How to make your sales message as compelling as a Hollywood blockbuster

You may think Michael Bay sucks. I do. The latest Transformers movie is GARBAGE. But…

He knows a thing or two about holding attention.

As do all successful action movies (and say what you like about Transformers but those movies do make a killing at the box office).

Here’s how he does it and how you can apply Bay’s savvy to your own promos:

Click Here To Get The ClickBank® Guide To Copywriting for only $27

Tip #53: How long should your sales copy be? The answer will surprise you, especially if you write copy...

Tip #76: “The Don Corleone Strategy” to making your prospects an offer they can’t refuse…

Tip #48: The one fundamental emotion you want to tap into every time with your sales story

Tip #35: Why you should never flat out STEAL a sales letter. Don’t do this. Seriously. Just don’t.

Tip #60: The secret strategy that helped me get a client’s article to 60,000 shares (PLUS: The ultra-popular website that is my #1 research tool.)

Tip #62: Your #1 resource if you’re marketing in the health niche--without this you could risk being shut down without warning

Tip #40: The 5 *OMG* secrets you must uncover from every ClickBank® campaign. Add these to your research and you have an enormous head start on competitors in your market

Tip #65: The truth about ‘home run’ copywriting. And why the copywriting gurus may have fed you a barrel-load of BS...

Tip #66: The tools you need to optimize your pages and videos like a pro…

Tip #42: Have you seen the Six Pack Abs Youtube ad rolls? The surprising truth about its REAL target audience

Tip #50: Two software apps that let you spy on your prospects. Allowing you to locate weak points and holes in your funnel.

Tip 69: How to quickly and easily zone in on a cash-spewing headline...

Tip #70: Look over your prospect’s shoulder and figure out how they’re consuming your sales video. (You’ll get to know exactly where your copy is failing, allowing you to fix it--fast!)

Tip #49: THE #1 MISTAKE copywriters make that has prospects rapidly abandoning sales pages in droves…

Tip #72: When you absolutely must NOT fiddle with your sales copy. (Many times clients freak out if conversions are not where they want them right away. BIG mistake. You’re often a few, small tweaks from success)

Tip #55: The type of book you must read to dramatically improve your sales copy. (It’s NOT about copywriting...)

Tip #74: Make THIS your first knee-jerk reaction after a sales page misfire for a quick and successful turnaround...

Tip #45: The ONE thing 99% of successful ClickBank sales letters and videos contain... and why you’d be a fool not to swipe this for yourself

Tip #63: Google’s FREE tool (you probably use without even realizing) constantly offers up a stream of targeted niche ideas...

Tip #57: Your biggest copywriting competitive advantage and why it’s also one of the hardest to get your head around. (Pssst! Here’s the shortcut…)

Tip #77: Above all else, study this one element of a successful promo. Do this and ClickBank® riches are yours for the taking.

When I received the first draft of the 34-page Official ClickBank® Copywriting Guide, I was shocked.

I mean paragraph after paragraph, sentence by sentence, Matt spilled his guts stream-of-conscious-style.

He doesn’t hold back, nor does he pull any punches.

For ClickBank affiliates and publishers alike, Matt unleashes a tsunami of strategies, tips and tactics that can have an immediate impact on your ClickBank efforts.

I’ve seen other copywriters charge as much as $397 for valuable, profit-pulling information like this! Or they charge $1500 for a one-time copy critique that would accomplish the same thing.

It happened to Adam and I.

This book accomplishes the exact same thing and more--PLUS it transforms you into a better copywriter, and a far more astute ClickBank marketer.

However, those nosebleed prices ARE NOT what you’ll pay today.

Incredibly, for all this profit-raking information, Matt allowed us to charge just $27!

Click Here To Get The ClickBank® Guide To Copywriting for only $27

So the question is...
“Why the incredibly low price, Justin?”

It’s a good question and there’s a pretty straightforward answer.

Matt, as well as Adam and I, not to mention ClickBank itself, are into creating massive value for our customers, while charging a super- affordable price.

That strategy is baked into our collaborative business philosophy.

So trust us (and if you must, do the math,) even if we do sell several thousands copies (which we fully expect will occur,) nobody’s going to get rich off this.

But that’s totally fine with us, in fact, IT’S PERFECT, because our goals will have been achieved…

Turning thousands of ClickBank entrepreneurs into better, more productive copywriters.

This will have a downstream effect of massively ratcheting up ClickBank revenues over the next several months and years.

Not to mention once others see that Clickbank is a millionaire-making machine, they’ll come to us wanting our incredible ClickBank University training so they too can start reaping the same rewards.

60-Day 100% Iron Clad
Money-Back Guarantee

Of course, if you don’t agree with us and our students… if you don’t think The Official ClickBank® Copywriting Guide will help you write more compelling copy... or even if you don’t think Matt’s guide is worth a measly $27, no problem...

We’ll be happy to refund every penny.

Count on it. As you may already know, ClickBank has set the standard, not only in providing quality products, but also making sure it’s customers are hugely satisfied with their purchases.

But we doubt you’ll be unhappy.

We’ve already shared the guide with both new and experienced ClickBank students and they come back with comments like these:

  • “Ok, now I get it. It’s worth 100 times the price.”
  • “These are the things nobody tells you, especially when you start out.”
  • “I’ve been writing on ClickBank for years. This book has stuff even I didn’t know.”

So go ahead and click the button below to get special launch pricing...

Click Here To Get The ClickBank® Guide To Copywriting for only $27

There’s only one caveat… one “gotcha”

If you’re looking for “the fine print”, here it is:

The $27 is a special launch price.

Very shortly, this promotion will come to an end.

So I encourage you to ACT FAST or you’ll miss out.

Your days of disappointment
and frustration are over

If your optin pages are not getting the job done...

  • If you’ve ever written a sales letter you thought was a sure thing, (only to discover it was a dud)... 
  • If you’ve ever written an article lander, drove traffic to it and shook your head in disappointment and disbelief... 
  • If you’re ever thrown thousands at a video sales letter and couldn’t for the life of you get it to convert... 
  • If you’ve thrown hundreds, and maybe even thousands at a copywriter, only to roll your eyes at the copy they submitted... 
  • If you’ve ever invested hours writing emails and slowly watched your opens decline over time… 
  • If the frustration is so overwhelming at times, you’ve thought about quitting…

Trust me, I’ve been there and then some.

Here at ClickBank, we’re committed to arming you with all the weapons you need to generate as much income as possible with our network.

We want you to take these secrets and use them to amass an affiliate fortune... maybe build your own army of affiliates who can drive product sales for you... or both. Why?

Because when you’re successful with our platform, WE’RE successful too.  

It’s a WIN/WIN.

So take this manual with our encouragements, won’t you? Hold it close. Print it out and store it under your pillow if you must. (Maybe you’ll absorb by osmosis the $100 million+ of sales-sucking savvy while you sleep.)

No matter how you take in this information, just make sure you get hold of it right now.

You see, there are secrets and then there are ways to ‘game’ the ClickBank system.

It’s only a matter of time before the big-wigs here at ClickBank HQ actually read the damn manual and pull this whole shebang DOWN.

So get on it. Get savvy. And let ClickBank rain down it’s wealth upon you!

I look forward to hearing about your success and how these 77 secrets made YOU thick wads of cash.

Click Here To Get The ClickBank® Guide To Copywriting for only $27

So stop punishing yourself, ok?

Go ahead and get Official ClickBank® Copywriting Guide. There’s no risk and infinite upside.

If you don’t like it, just as for a refund. It’s just that simple.

This is your chance not only learn the copywriting secrets from one of the current legends… not only will the conversions of every article lander, sales letter, email, native ad, and video sales letter you write be multiplied… but you’ll smile ear to ear as you check into your ClickBank account every day.

And that’s really the goal, isn’t it?

Justin Atlan, Co-founder

ClickBank University

P.S. Look. These secrets have been ripped from over $100 million worth of ClickBank sales.

You can’t get this book anywhere else. The information contained within is the kind only top copywriters and marketers share with their buddies over beer at the hotel bar during a private mastermind seminar.

Unbelievably, you’re getting it for a super affordable $27.

Crazy, isn’t it? Don’t miss out, click on the button below and you can download the complete, uncut manual right away:

Click Here To Get The ClickBank® Guide To Copywriting for only $27

A Strong Word of Warning

One more thing. Let’s say you pass on this amazing no brainer of an offer. You know what will happen?

Others will jump on it. No doubt.

I strongly believe this will be one of the most popular offers ClickBank has ever launched. Why? Because copywriting is the secret to success on ClickBank.

Ask anyone in the top 10 , 20, 100 or even 1000 on ClickBank. Ask them if there’s a more effective leverage point for conversions. No matter optin, leads, customers or sales.

There isn’t. And that all adds up to one obvious fact:

If you don’t buy now? In a few days?

Your competition is going to eat your lunch.

I’d be worried, maybe even frightened out of my gourd if I were you.

You already know how fast the market shifts. Blink twice and whatever position you’ve held, will start dropping like a rock. In no time, the competition will be picking over your bones.

When it should be the opposite.

So if you’re ambitious, if you want to dominate your market or niche, if you want a flood of sales gushing into your Clickbank account every day, week and month… go ahead and click the button below NOW...

Click Here To Get The ClickBank® Guide To Copywriting for only $27



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