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36 “My Life in Advertising” Ideas to Live By

Normally, I spend my days knee deep into “what’s working now.” But occasionally reviewing the classics has always been rewarding for me. It never…

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10 Things Your Copywriter Is Dying to Hear You Say

Copywriters crave more than just a pay-check from you. They want to feel valued, appreciated and respected as well. Here are 10…

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Black Friday Promo Template

Today I saw all the retailers rolling out their holiday ads. It inspired me to write this. Be forewarned: You don’t have…

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The Lazy Man’s Way (What Joe Karbo Taught Me)

About 7 years ago, I discovered a copywriting principle so powerful it makes AIDA look like the 100-year old has been it…

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I don’t know about you, but normally I see myself as simply a copywriter. However, in recent years, I’ve seen myself more…

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Dark Sentences

Some copywriters are masters in the art of using… the bible calls them… dark sentences. These copywriters are masters at hypnosis and…

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