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Sometimes, one word can make all the difference [Conversion Tip]


We kinda have to be. Not much choice.

Not only do our partners and clients demand it, so do our ‘better halves’.

Gotta keep the cash flowing. 🙂


We tripped across this little gem last week. Caught us by surprise.

One of our partners has a optin page in the personal development market.

I’d show you the full page, but at present, it’s getting a healthy 71% conversion. On cold Facebook traffic.

It’s been doing pretty well for over a year, but we’re not ones to rest on our laurels.

We’re always testing, trying something. Even if it’s stupid.

Right now, we’re down to the finer points.

And here’s what we tripped over. It gave us this meaningful boost:

Yep, this one change gave us a meaningful 6.82% increase. Not too shabby.

But wait till you see what we changed.

On the optin page, the original bullet was this:

  • Simple ways to find your true purpose which leads to financial abundance and true freedom

It sounded rather clunky with the two “true”s in there. So we took one out:

  • Simple ways to find your true purpose which leads to financial abundance and freedom

Yeah, all we did was take out the word “true.” Out of an optin page that has 500+ words on it.

Now do we think there’s anything magical going on here?


While we think the copy reads smoother,  we think the uptick has more to do with the word “financial”.

If you’re in the personal development market, which is more important to you?

True freedom?

Or financial freedom?

We think the visitor wants financial freedom more.

The way it reads currently is we’re offering simple ways that lead to financial abundance as well as financial freedom.

What’s your take? Go ahead and leave a comment below.


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