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Stay Hungry

This is a copywriter:

Stay with me here.

This man, as homeless as he is, is just ONE SALES LETTER away from a million dollars.

When I’m down in the dumps, I think about this guy.

I think about the opportunity he has to spend day and night focusing on THAT ONE sales letter.

I think about how determined he is, how much drive he has, despite his predicament.

I think about how much hope, inspiration and muscle he’s putting into his work.

Despite how he looks, I do not underestimate this copywriter.

Although he may be down on his luck, although he may be backed into a corner, he has all the qualities of a copywriter that can CRUSH IT.

And then I think, if HE has all THAT opportunity…

SO. DO. I.

Listen, no matter what your predicament right now, just know YOU are only one sales letter away from a million dollars.

Stay hard, stay hungry and you’ll succeed.

Till next time,


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