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The #1 Question To Ask When Writing Emails


I write a ton of emails. Mostly for my clients to sell stuff. Maybe you do, too.

Not to boast, but I’ve been told I’m really good at it. However, I’ll let you in on a secret…

What makes me good is NOT about how great the copy I write is.

What makes me good at it is I know the answer to a very unique question.  A question which 99.9% of all copywriters FAIL to ask.  And as a result, their emails rarely hit the mark.

Here’s the question:

When writing emails, which one does your client want:

Targeted emails that generate high EPCs?


Emails designed to drive high numbers of clicks?

Here’s the situation:

If your client wants high EPCs, that implicitly means they’re going to get relatively low numbers of clicks. To accomplish high EPCs, you need very targeted traffic.

However, if they want high numbers of clicks, you’ll flood their page with untargeted clicks which will result in low EPCs.

Obviously there are exceptions. However, you can rarely have both high EPCs and high numbers of clicks with the same email drop.

Out of the thousands of emails I’ve written, it’s happened to me three times.

Let me put it another way. You can write an email that SPECIFICALLY targets the wants, needs, pains, desires of a certain prospect who is far more likely to become a customer.

Or you can just drive as much traffic as possible to the page, hoping a few will actually pull out their credit card and buy.

So which does your client want? Large numbers of clicks? Or high EPCs?

Of course, they want both. But Confucius say “he who chases two rabbits catches neither.”

So have the client choose and aim for that.

PS: If you think I’m bragging, maybe I am a little. 😉

You’d be rather proud to if you could consistently generate $2+ EPCs for clients. You’d be proud too, if you could regularly cream 5-10% of an affiliates list and get them over to your Client’s page.

Even if you’re just a decent copywriter, that’s what answering this one question can do for you.

Try it and let me know, ok?

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