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The Greatest Copywriting Secret

Do you write angry?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve uncovered one of the greatest copywriting secrets there is.

Most people have experienced this phenomena:

Something gets under their skin. It gets to the point where there’s an upset with someone.

Maybe there’s a disagreement. Maybe even an argument.

And then you get to the point where you decide to write the other person. And then what happens?

You write that person an impassioned email or a text.

In the moment you probably don’t notice it, but this email flows naturally. Effortlessly.

There is no holding back. You unleash.

However, if the person writing is smart, they’ll hold off hitting the send key.

Why? Because usually what’s in that email may become a source of future regret. Some things may be said that cross the line, doing more harm than good.

So you hold off. You cool down. And THEN, you go back and edit like there’s no tomorrow.

In my experience, 9 out of 10 times, the email’s really great. It just needs to take into account the recipient’s feelings, not just yours.

But you can’t deny what makes it work is THE EMOTION that was put into writing it.

That kind of email WILL elicit a response. And if you edit out the hurtful stuff, you’ll get your way.

Now, the same thing works when writing a love letter.

Have you ever had a great conversation with someone, or with a new person in your life and again, you just wanted to share your true feelings?

What happened?

You captured those feelings IN THE MOMENT. When they were at fever pitch.

That’s the key, I think. Doing things in the moment, when the fire is hottest.

For instance, I’ve been mulling this email all day, working myself up into a lather.

And now it’s time to deliver. It’s approximately 2am, the family’s asleep and I’m here tip tapping away on my laptop.

I couldn’t sleep. I had to get the email out and into the universe.

You see, I think one of the real keys to writing copy fast is:

#1, Immersing yourself in the research and then…

#2, Writing when you’re most emotional…

#3, Editing ruthlessly…

It could be anger or love or almost any other strong emotion that is the catalyst.

What I’ve noticed personally, is putting myself in a state of strong desire does the trick for me.

Now one last thing.


Depending on the person, alcohol either acts like an emotional amplifier or a suppressant..

Personally, that’s where I draw the line. I don’t use alcohol while I’m writing anymore.

It ain’t worth it. Being an alcoholic writer is not the career trajectory I was planning.

When alcohol acts as an amplifier, emotions are more readily available.

It’s almost like turning on a switch.

But the effect on the brain is short lived because of the way alcohol is processed by the liver.

After a while, instead of emotions, you just get sleepy.

Just be safe out there. And make sure you edit whatever you write in the heat of emotion/passion.

Talk soon,


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