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The Myth Of One And Done

I’ll admit, I was lured into marketing, and more specifically copywriting, because of a fascination with the concept of “one and done.”

Who wants a job, right?

Just set up searchable pages which offer your own or an affiliate product, connect them to your PayPal account and watch the money roll in.

The reality however is FAR DIFFERENT.

What I didn’t realize was…

1) the sheer amount of effort required to put to a converting offer together, and…

2) ongoing maintenance, optimization as well as compliance with social media platforms

3) and the constant need for traffic.

And not just any kind of traffic…

We need targeted traffic, don’t we?

And paid or free, that takes work.

Make no mistake, optimization, maintenance and traffic are an ongoing affair.

And even if you think things are “dialed in”, the market is always in flux.

For instance: we’ve all heard how autoplay videos convert better than play to click videos.

And I tested this years ago on an offer and that was indeed the case.

But something peculiar happened recently.

As a lark, I retested the same thing recently on the same offer, and guess what?

Autoplay videos lost. And the margin was significant.

Clickable videos won, hands down. By as much as 35%.

I was blown away.

When you’re playing with paid traffic, that’s significant.

My point is if you have a converting offer, you’re never sitting on your hands.

And if you have MULTIPLE offers that are converting, you’re always keeping the wheels on the bus.

So my coaching today, is to put some muscle into your offer every step of the way.

Don’t get complacent. Otherwise, it’ll eventually suffer a slow death as it silently slips into obscurity.

And when your offer does start converting, don’t let up on the gas, ok?

And put the one-and-done myth behind you, like I did.

Talk soon,


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