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Ultimate conversion guide 2 of 10: About Us Page

Meet our awesome teamEvery second, millions of people are making decisions online – about whether to subscribe, enquire, start a trial, download, call or buy. These decisions can be quick and instinctive reactions, or lengthy and complex processes involving multiple interactions with a particular brand. Regardless, a core part of your arsenal as a marketer is to create an About Us page for your website that fills your prospects with confidence that YOU are the business they should be working with.

Your brand story is what people can personally connect to. How a person can fundamentally relate to a start-up, larger business or a corporation. It’s the commonality or human thread between individual and entity. What was the starting point of this business, and why was it created? Where was the need in the market or where was the market under-served? What makes you special, and why? In the end people want to buy from brands they trust, and just simply identify with.

Ultimate conversion guide 2 of 10: About Us Page

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