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5 Untapped Growth-Hacks To Increase Conversion Rates

As most of you know by now, the actual amounts of traffic mean nothing if it simply won’t convert.

Getting traffic is just the starting point – we need that traffic to go through our desired funnel and complete that conversion goal. Surprisingly enough, many gifted marketers aren’t always in that state of mind.

Here’s my take on the topic, with conclusions taken directly from the last couple of projects where I helped startups with increasing conversion rates.

1. Magnify your branded traffic. Usually the highest conversion rates come from brand searches, so that’s the first low-hanging fruit you should go after. Search your company’s brand and find out if you’re in the results where you should be.

If not, you might need to review your branded SEO and/or consider purchasing paid adverting carrying your brand name. Then, think of social networks or profiles that you have yet to dominate, such as Pinterest, Tumblr or even

5 Untapped Growth-Hacks To Increase Conversion Rates

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