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100 Sales A Day [How To Make It Happen]

Big breakthrough this past month.

A client hit the 1000-sales-a-day benchmark.

(And it would be more if it wasn’t for those meddling “mids”.)

1000 sales per day, consistently, is a gamechanger for any business.

Not just in front-end sales (where affiliates/paid media eat up most of the revenue anyway)…

But sucking in that many new customers each day unleashes a wealth of opportunity on the back-end.

Profit generators like recurring memberships, complementary offers, new offshoot businesses, partnership opportunities etc.

A guy asked me on Twitter/X:

“What was the difference between this offer and other offers that barely make a dozen sales a day?”

It’s a great question and if there was a simple answer I’d be a lot richer than I am right now 🙂

When offers explode, there’s usually a synergy between copy, offer, and traffic source.

Everything just fits.

There’s also an element of luck and timing.

For instance, have you ever tried to ‘replicate’ a proven offer? Not as easy as it looks, right?

Yet, there’s one other process that’s often overlooked but massively important:


I know, I know… Yawn!

But listen. Over the past year I’ve run dozens and dozens of split-tests to VSL pages, text sales pages, checkouts, landers, you name it.

The result? A measurable increase in sales, profits, and income.

Sure, a lot of the time you’ll barely move the needle when it comes to conversions.

Other times, you’ll get an outright stinker that tanks the conversion rate.

But every now and then, one tiny change will trigger a dramatic surge in conversions (and cash).

Do this enough times over the course of a few weeks or months and pretty soon a puny sales video transforms into a Godzilla offer that tramples everything in its path.

All of a sudden, affiliates are throwing waves of traffic at your VSL… and you’re only too happy forking over a small fortune in commissions.

I’ll share some of my biggest split-test wins shortly.

But always remember, if you can’t write a smash out of the gate… nothing’s stopping you from split-testing your way to success 😉

Talk soon,


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