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Doubled our conversions within a month and since then have grown conversions over 400%!

Justin Premick


You beat our control by 30%!

Brian Kurtz

Boardroom/Bottom Line Publications


Matt O’Connor is a copywriting badass.  He not only delivers killer copy but his expertise on marketing strategy gives him an edge over other copywriters.

John Romaniello

Roman Fitness Systems


The Coffee Shop Millionaire video sales letter became kinda notorious.  It brought in around $10 million in sales, staying in the Clickbank Top 10 for over 2 years (and only a quarter of the total sales were from Clickbank!)  Thanks Matt!

Anthony Trister

Coffee Shop Millionaire


Matt has been an outstanding copywriter for me. He ensures every part of your sales copy is tested and tweaked for maximum conversions.  And on my recent launch we’re talking $4.02 EPC.  That’s over $4 a click… an awesome achievement!  I have no hesitation recommending Matt to anyone.  Thanks a lot mate!

Chris Freville


Organifi did $425,000 in sales last month… and well over $1,000,000 in sales last quarter.

Can’t wait to see what you guy do with our next couple products. Going to be a fun year of growth!

Drew Canole & Djamel Bettahar


Sir Matthew O’Connor of Lincolnshire has been an absolute boon for my business since we began working together a few years ago.

As far as copywriters go — Matt double-checks off all the boxes we need: reliable, on time, technically sound, original, easy & fun to work with, good person, and last but not least — writes CONVERTING copy.

Every dollar we have invested in Matt has returned 10x to us — and why we continue and will continue to work with him and try to keep all of his time to us. Wait a sec — hey Matt, what did you say you were using this testimonial for again…?

David Sinick


Matt, THANK YOU for directly helping us generate millions in sales per year!

Justin Atlan


I have over 200 websites in different niches and Matt is the one guy I trust when it comes to the sales letter. I DEMAND quality and Matt gives me just that. Overall, the cost of the sales letter just pays for itself many times over in the long run.

Peng Joon

Million Dollar Ads


Your copy and sales strategy quadrupled my conversions! 2 years later and your sales copy is STILL making me money.

Neil Patel


Matt has produced money-loving copy for my companies since…2012. ELEVEN years. How good does a copywriter need to be to have a client coming back for 11 years in a row (and counting)? I’ll tell you: They need to be Matt O’Connor good. If you’re looking for decent copy and decent results, look elsewhere. You can find tons of those guys (hint: they spend hours a day in their FB groups). But if you’re looking to take over your niche with messaging and copy that turns your traffic into buyers (and then repeat buyers), you go with Matt.

Jason Capital

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P.S. It’s true that the likes of Neil Patel, Agora, Ramit Sethi, Aweber, Real Dose and Mike Geary hire my team to write copy and consult with them. Why? Because they value their reputation above all else. They know we’ll generate major revenue AND make them look good. Don’t skimp on your marketing. Choose a growth partner dedicated to growing your sales, profits and income. Contact us right now…

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