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The Three Silent Objections

I write a lot of sales letters, upsells and VSLs. And I enjoy reading them from other copywriters too. However, I can…

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You VS “The Rules”

When you start out as a copywriter, you begin to develop a long list of rules. Dos and don’ts. You read blog…

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The Case Against Templates And Swipe Files

Do you know what one of the biggest turn-offs when reading a sales letter is? Knowing what the writer is going to…

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A stickler for details

Many copywriters work with what I call “a big rock” mindset—making sure you take care of the most important things. I’m sure…

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Chicken Soup For The Copywriting Soul

In lots of copywriting courses, you’re taught to have a “You” perspective… Basically, the words “you” and “your” in copy are said…

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I keep kicking myself

Everytime time I think about it, I keep kicking myself. A while ago, I wrote an email about upsells. I discussed some…

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