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6 Conversion Optimization Tools Every Optimizer should use

Conversion Optimization ToolsNo matter what it is you set out to do, it’s always useful to obtain the best possible set of tools you can put your hands on. This statement is especially true in online endeavors where cool, new solutions can be found every day for old and new problems. That is why we at Conversioner make a principle out of always trying out new conversion optimization tools.

For your convenience we’ve rounded up a short list with six of our recent favorites tools. We’ve categorized each tool according to its marketing and day-to-day value. Let us know if you’ve found that other tools in a category perform better, have additional cool features or if you think there are other important categories we left out.


Category 1: User Behavior Analysis

If you are going to attempt any kind of conversion rate optimization you’re going to need to use at least one tool from this category. These tools allow you to get quantitative and qualitative data and insights in a practical and visual way. Most tools will provide heatmaps capabilities including click, mouse movement and scroll heatmaps and some will let you view actual session recordings from your site. These tools will serve you in your initial analysis, understanding how users interact with your site, and in later steps when you implement changes and want to measure the effect.

6 Conversion Optimization Tools Every Optimizer Should Use

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