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Chicken Soup For The Copywriting Soul

In lots of copywriting courses, you’re taught to have a “You” perspective…

Basically, the words “you” and “your” in copy are said to have magical superpowers.

And maybe that’s true.

But my favorite superpower word these days?


Yeah, I. Me. My.

You guessed it, I’m talking about breaking one of the most cherished copywriting rules there is:

“Don’t write about yourself. Nobody cares. Talk about your prospect and their hopes, dreams and fears.” That’s what they say, right?

I say “Think again.”

When I write for Clients, I use their experiences a lot. I use the “I” word on their behalf LIBERALLY.

You may think I’m committing copywriting hari kari, but I had some of my biggest winners writing this way.

For instance, which is more compelling to reading to you:

“How you can make $50,000 writing 3 short emails”


“How I made $50,000 writing 3 short emails”

The first one screams BS, doesn’t it?

The second one is more provocative. It provokes your curiosity more.

I started doing this three years ago, after reading “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. It’s the most successful series of books ever, filled with 1st person account stories.

I was wondering what made the stories so compelling. The secret I think is they’re first person accounts of major events that happen to someone in their life. Stories people can empathize with.

All I can say is the tactic works on cold traffic and email really well.

Try it and let me know, ok?

– Matt

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