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The Three Silent Objections

I write a lot of sales letters, upsells and VSLs. And I enjoy reading them from other copywriters too.

However, I can always tell when the copywriter doesn’t know their target market quite well enough.

Because they always leave out three silent objections prospects have.

I can assure you, these silent objections, if answered sufficiently, WILL boost conversions.

And the minute I tell you what they are, you’ll be silently nodding your head in agreement. Why?

Because as a copywriter, you’ll immediately appreciate the simplicity of answering these objections.

So enough build up, what are the three silent objections?

Here we go…

Objection #1: “What’s the catch? Because there’s got to be a catch…”

Objection #2: “It’s too good to be true…”

Objection #3: “It can happen for others but not for me…”

I think you’ll agree, few sales letters or VSLs address ALL of these prospects’ concerns.

I say these are silent objections because if you’ve ever interviewed prospects or performed a survey, it’s rare they bring these issues up.

That said, just imagine what would happen if you preempted their objections ahead of time and inoculated against them!

Your results would be boosted IMMEDIATELY.

Think about it and see how these objections apply to your market/copy.

And if you’re coming up short, wondering how to address these concerns with your copy, just hit me up.

Maybe we can brainstorm a few ideas over Zoom.

Talk soon,


P.S. Quick tip I’m having fun with on various client/partner lists…

Here’s one way to spike open rates:

Head over to a website called

Just search for the emoji you want, click the copy button and paste into the subject line.


So now it’s time to get creative. (Just don’t “go crazy” with it.🤪)

Use them like spices to add extra “flavor” to your emails. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the open rate boost.

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