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What to do when your offer falls flat

It can be a frustrating experience.

That moment in time when you know your offer won’t land.

When your offer is weak.

When your offer looks like everybody else’s out there.

When your offer is a plain ol’ dud.

Maybe you thought you could just ride on somebody else’s coattails, and swipe what they’re doing.

I’ve done it, and sometimes it converts and sometimes it doesn’t. 

So I know that strategy can be risky.

But let’s say that for whatever the reason your offer falls flat.

How do you resuscitate it?

Almost every time I have an offer that doesn’t convert it’s usually because I’m playing too small.

I’m just not thinking big enough.

For instance, years ago, I wrote this fitness info-product offer for a guy who was a Navy Seal.

We thought just mentioning the words “by a Navy SEAL” was pretty compelling.

Surprise! Surprise! It was DOA. 

So whenever something like this happens, I do a mental post mortem.

And almost every time an offer falls flat, I conclude…

“Either I somehow missed the market, or I’m not thinking big enough. Maybe I need to think bigger.”

So I imagine what my offer would like if it was 5X better.

Then I ratchet up to 10X better. Doodling on paper as I refine it and make the better.

Then 100X better. (Which is more for a mental stretch of what’s possible.)

In other words, it’s time to be bold. To get bolder.

That’s what I did this with Navy Seal offer. I got really bold.

And I thought “Damn, I want to BE a Navy SEAL! Nah, what I really want is that ripped Navy SEAL body!”

(Which is weird for a Brit to say, but whatever.)

And I got excited when I came up with this headline:

“Claim Your Navy Seal Body Below”

And what do you know? That did the trick! The offer did exceedingly well.

So try it the next time your conversions are less than stellar.

What can you do to really knock it out of the park?

Because there are so many things you can do. Maybe someday, I’ll make a list.

But for now, be bold!

“Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”

Talk soon,


P.S. For inspiration, I often look at Eugene Schwartz headlines.

That man knew how to think big.

==> Pretty cool Eugene Schwartz PDF

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