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Words Are Nano-Tasers

We’ve talked before about how when you’re emotional, whatever comes after you’re in the heat of that emotion, tends to get viewed through the lens of that emotion.

In order to appreciate this idea, let me share a belief I have.

I believe words stimulate your nervous system.

They’re like nano-tasers, jolting your nervous system, electrically speaking.

They can be either positive or negative.

Even one word, like your own name, can send electrical signals up and down your spine, often triggering a powerful flood of memories.

For instance, anytime I hear the word “Matthew”, I remember my mom calling me into the kitchen when I got in trouble.

So odds are, if someone says “Matthew”, I’ll unconsciously think I’m about to get yelled at. 😉

It’s just human nature. You could say I’ve been triggered.

Here’s what’s cool: we can hijack this natural phenomena for our own marketing purposes.

This is how we do it: we tell a story.

Our story hopefully does one thing: we get the reader to unconsciously experience the emotions we want them to experience. Then, we set the stage for them to view our message through those emotional lenses.

This works when the product is kinda boring in and of it itself.

Or one where it’s in a market where there’s a lot of similar competition.

Telling an emotionally-laden unique story can often do the trick.

The words you use do the heavy lifting, but also certain phrases and sentences as well as their sequence are extremely useful.

That works and works well, however there is a way to amplify it.

And that’s to build in an emotional roller coaster.

You have the reader experiencing emotional highs and lows.

A rollercoaster that goes over and over, ever higher, ever lower, until you’re ready to direct their emotions where you want–most likely at their DESIRE for your product and the FEAR of missing out and not having it.

But here’s what’s interesting:

The story doesn’t have to be about that.

Yours can be a story that’s totally unrelated.

That’s why your goal with the story is to get the emotional juices flowing as much as possible before you direct them to your product.

Try it next time you have to write a sales letter or VSL. Done correctly, it’ll boost conversions.

Talk soon,


P.S. If all this sounds like psychobabble, I only ask you verify it against your own experience.

Then decide for yourself.

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