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Clickbank + Organifi = Game Changer?

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I have to admit, I’m gushing with excitement for one my partners. (And if you know Brits, we rarely if ever “gush.”)

In the next few days, ClickBank is doing something they’ve never done before.

They’re allowing a marketer to sell a physical product on their platform. And my client will be the first.

Drew Canole, Founder of, with a FB following of 1.2 million fans, is launching his flagship juicing-oriented product, Organifi on the ubiquitous ClickBank platform.

Pretty cool, right?

This opens up being able to sell Organifi to
hundreds of affiliates, literally overnight…

What’s Organifi?

It’s an innovative “green drink” targeted to already health-conscious people.

While Drew’s zeal is for live, organic juicing, the feedback he’s gotten is there’s a definite market for people who don’t have the time, money or desire to clean up the mess after juicing–but are still committed to losing weight, reversing premature aging, rejuvenating their health and healing chronic disease.

By the way, as a marketer, Drew’s a constant optimizer.  I love that in a client!

While the current VSL (written by yours truly) already converts against cold email drops to health-oriented lists and on YouTube… we currently have a couple more interesting variations in the wings.  Personally, I think they’ll smash the current control.

So if you have a health or juicing-oriented email list, FB or YouTube channel, it may be worth your while to promote the moment it launched.

I’m told the affiliate commissions % are crazy silly high, especially for a shippable product.

Here’s the affiliate page:

Join me in saying good luck and congratulations to Drew, his hard working team and ClickBank on their launch.

– Matt

PS: And now, I’ll be on my way. I have to crank out a couple article landers today for this puppy. The affiliates are so pumped!

PPS: Feel free to share this info with others! This is going to be big.
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