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I Eat What I Kill…

You’re an entrepreneur. Most probably an online entrepreneur.

Compelled to create. Compete. And dominate.

Or maybe just right now… survive.

It doesn’t matter.

You’re an entrepreneur. That’s just the way we’re built.

Based upon my experience, the majority of people don’t understand this drive. This ambition.

You do. Implicitly. Instinctively.

Let me guess. You wake up every morning and no matter what the status is of your bank account, you’re on fire about your latest project.

Just talking about it, lights you up like a roman candle.

The beauty about what we do is we can go from zero to not just having prototype, but to a full working site in just a few days.

With platforms like Shopify, ClickBank and WordPress, it’s getting easier and easier.

Facebook and Google plus all the other ad networks and traffic-getting strategies allow us to get our message in front of thousands, even millions of eyeballs.

But the fly in the ointment has always been… the copy.

If the copy doesn’t convert, all is for naught.

You see, unless you’re intimately familiar with the market and are able to write persuasively, the copy has always been the sticking point.

So here’s an idea:

Let me help you.

I’m not sure if I can, I’m not sure if I’m a fit, but I am open to having a conversation about it.

And one thing I am confident of is, you and I? We’re like-minded.

Like-minded in the sense we both have that “entrepreneurial fire in the belly.”

If we get together, I’ll focus on the copy and you can focus on the traffic and operational stuff.

You see, I’m not like other copywriters.

The majority freelance.

In other words, they trade dollars for hours. Or dollars for words.

There’s nothing wrong with that type of service. It’s just that personally I can’t wrap my head around being compensated just for writing words. There’s no inspiration in there for me to grab hold of.

I’m more like a bounty hunter. I prefer to get paid for RESULTS.

In commission sales, they have an interesting saying I think is particularly appropo:

“You eat what you kill.”

So when I write copy that converts? You eat and I eat.

Simple as that.

I like that. It’s fair. It’s fun collaborating. And it’s fulfilling.

And yes, it can be lucrative.

But we’ll never know unless we have a chat, will we?

What you should be really taking away from this email is I have the confidence that I can, that we can, get the job done.

Not because I’m so confident, not because I’ve done it  once or twice, but because I write winning high-converting copy consistently.

“It’s what I do.”

And of course, I can prove it.

None of this is to brag, mind you. It’s getting rarer and rarer but I’ve been humbled, too on occasion.

Just being straight about it.

My “learning experiences” would make any marketer or copywriter laugh their butt off.

Again, nobody bats 1000, but I can more than hold my own. And besides, even if I don’t knock it out of the park right away, we can always optimize our way to success.

That’s the beauty of online marketing, as you know.

But it all starts with one thing:

That fire in the belly.

That’s the key. That’s the secret sauce.

That’s what makes it all work.

I have it. Do you? If so, let’s talk —

Till next time,


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